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About us

Zibibbu is an all-Sicilian firm born on the slopes of Etna. It is the volcano itself which adjusts our passions and, as a creative forge, guides us in our choices and in our work.

We distribute Sicilian luxury offering the excellence of fermented, distilled and liquors as well as the best food and wine products.

Zibibbu (Sicilian term for Zibibbo wine) has its roots in this variegated territory rich in history: Sicily. Zibibbo is a wine that once tasted will be remembered for the whole life. Very fragrant and with a sweet and aromatic flavour, it is produced exclusively on the beautiful island of Pantelleria. The word "zibibbo", of Arabic derivation, means "raisins", "sultana". Zibibbo, which has been declared a World Heritage by UNESCO in 2014, is still cultivated today in the typical terraces of Arab origin on the Sicilian island. This wine is golden-yellow in colour. The scent is decidedly unmistakable as it impresses with notes of almond, apricot and orange blossoms. These are the mission and colours of the Zibibbu brand that founder Orazio Mario Rao wants to convey: inebriate yourself with unique scents and flavours through their history, raw materials, production process and quality indicators to project you into a world of unique nature and colours.

Our location is in the heart of the historic center of Riposto, a charming village on the slopes of Etna. From here, goods from all over the world did come and go. Over time it became the place where large amounts of wine from the slopes of the "Muntagna" (Mountain) and agricultural products collected in the nearby cities were deposited. Riposto is home to the port of Etna which is greatly expanding as a marina thanks to its strategic position between Catania and Taormina. We could not choose any better than this most iconic place to start distribution throughout Italy and all around the world through our online shop.

We are always on the search for the best to be able to offer it to our customers. We offer Sicilian luxury! We do evolve along with the world but remaining simple and a bit romantic, with a glass and a friend with whom to exchange a few words!

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