05 Dicembre 2022


Zibibbu, Sicilian luxury.
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Zibibbu was born from an idea of Orazio Mario Rao and his vision and passion for the wonderful universe of Drinking in all its forms: fermented, distilled and liqueurs. Orazio Mario Rao, was born in a small village on Etna’s slopes among citrus groves, vineyards and the smell of the sea. Growing up with a love for the world of wine and cocktails (products of great bartenders’ fantasy and creativity) he was so fascinated by it that he made it his main job. He began his career in the late 1980s in the wonderfully sweet life of Taormina and Giardini Naxos.

His is an all-round passion that involves both catering and the world bar sectors. He developed his knowledge about wines, their history and features by becoming an expert in the field. Barman, Chief Bartender, Maître d'Hotel, Room Manager, Venue Manager and Event and Catering Organizer, his thirty-year career has been varied and complete. He has worked in the most renowned clubs on the Ionian coast and has worked in partnership with companies at national level for events he has overseen.

The love for his territory and its excellence led to the birth of Zibibbu. There is a growing need in him to be able to make his knowledge and skills available to others. His passion did the rest! "As a child I followed my father and grandfather near Randazzo, on Etna, to buy the wine that was then bought in bulk spilled in bottles or bins that they brought from home. There were no farms, only manor vineyards. Entering the cellars full with giant barrels meant to me entering another dimension.

I glanced admiringly, I could smell wines and musts in the air and I inebriated myself with these essences. All this gave me a sense of happiness, which is difficult to explain and that accompanied me slightly, along with a smile. Here, I would like that the perfume, that sense of happiness, would be conveyed through the excellences that I will offer to you and that will accompany you in your moments in life, stealing a smile".
Orazio Mario Rao

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